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It may sound like a strange acronym, but truth be told, it is one of the most important qualifications one can have if he or she wants to work in health and safety. NEBOSH is a globally recognised qualification that is designed for aspiring health and safety professionals who wish to further their careers.

NEBOSH, which stands for National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health, is an independent body that conducts exams and gives awards; it has a charitable status. It was formed in 1979 to offer a range of vocational-related, globally recognized qualifications that have been designed to meet the needs of environmental and risk management, as well as health and safety, professionals in both the public and private sectors.

They offer a variety of courses and qualifications. The three major qualifications are diploma, certificate, and awards. Diplomas are aimed at professionals who are working in the health and safety industries. They offer a foundation for further study, which is great for those going into research or wish to increase their prospects.

Certificates are for managers, supervisors, and staff who have to deal with health and safety issues on a day to day basis. They are usually taken by those who wish to enter the world of health and safety and want to have a strong career in these fields. NEBOSH certificates meet the academic requirements for technician membership of IOSH. Finally, awards are for those who wish to have a basic understanding of health and safety principles and practice. They are meant to provide a strong introduction to other qualifications.

This brings up a very good question: who should go for NEBOSH qualifications? They are ideal for those who are in positions to supervise and guide a number of employees under them. This includes managers, superintendents, HR professionals, and team leaders, among other such positions. These qualifications will greatly enhance their abilities to detect and analyse health and safety related problems. Also, it will ensure a tension-free workspace that will automatically enhance productivity for better output. These qualifications are also great for those working in construction companies since it will greatly enhance their expertise when it comes to issues related to safety.

As it is, NEBOSH is an excellent globally-recognized qualification that will greatly benefit those working in the industries related to health, safety, environment, and construction, among others. There are a wide range of qualifications to choose from for people who wish to enhance their expertise in their related fields.

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